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Championship Collie

3 1/4" high


colourways A


The first set (Set A, left) of colourways has been available since the summer of 1998 at the Wade Factory Store and Wade Watch Ltd.  However, Wade has now repackaged these, and a second set, in special boxes.  Each set of 6 is available in a collector's box and the pieces will also be available in individual boxes.  The first set includes the Whimsie hippo, gorilla, raccoon, leopard and the Tom Smith lion and mole.

$20 set

Set B includes the beaver, elephant, kitten, polar bear, spaniel, and zebra. 

$25 set

Set C Comic Whimsies (all new molds)

cat, cat, dog, duck, penguin, fox


Nursery Rhyme Set 1 (right)

Set 2 not available

$25 set

Happy Family Frog set of 3 with box $50
Happy Family Rabbit set of 3 with box $50

Kangaroo  1997 Trentham Gardens  Wade Fair
5 1/2" wide  x 4 3/4" high



Log dish
4 3/4" x 1" high

could be used for business cards, jewelry, etc.


WhimsieLand Tiger Colourways $7 ea

Man in the Boat
2 1/2 wide x 6" long x 1/1/4" high


TV Pet Mitzi with damaged box

2003 Wade Fair PA Wade Fest

Bulgie the green Frog
3 1/4 long, 2 " high


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